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Enhance Your Outdoor Living Space for Entertaining

When it comes to personalizing your outdoor living space, consider an exciting and dynamic installation like a custom outdoor fire pit. Adding an outdoor fire pit creates an attractive and inviting atmosphere to any communal space outside. With the hot summer days and cool nights in Colorado, it’s a perfect addition for a functional gathering place in your backyard.  When planning a custom installation, one option that must be decided upon is whether you’ll install propane or natural gas. Here are some factors to think about when exploring either option:

  • Portable – your fire pit can be built in any part of your backyard
  • More efficient than natural gas
  • Easier to measure usage
Natural Gas
  • Directly fed to fire pit through a gas line attached to your home
  • 1/6th of the cost of propane
  • Usually more convenient than propane since you don’t replace tanks
Even though fire pits are very safe, with either choice make sure to keep a fire extinguisher or water source nearby. If you have an outdoor kitchen in your backyard, you should also keep a fire extinguisher within that space. Kona Contractors can build a beautiful and functional Denver fire pit specific for your yard’s layout and aesthetic – customized to suit your needs.