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5 Easy Ways to Revitalize Pavers Denver Residents Love

While renovations and remodeling projects can feel daunting and stressful to embark upon, your contractor will be able to offer expert advice and provide you with what you need to get the job done correctly. Revitalizing the pavers Denver homes require involves getting their original patina or overall aesthetic back as well as enhancing the natural properties. Surprisingly, cleaning the pavers to remove excess dirt or debris actually makes a big difference.

The region and climate you reside in also have a definite impact on your pavers. Inclement weather and sun exposure do cause additional wear and tear, but generally, pavers should last somewhere between 18 months to three years if properly sealed. The better protected your pavers, the longer they will last – Kona Contractors offers the best advice to help you revitalize your pavers:
  1. The first step to fresh pavers is clearing out any debris. If weeds have started to spring up in between them, be sure to pull everything prior to washing or continuing your work.
  2. The best way to thoroughly clean the pavers is using a pressure washer to truly eliminate all build up. Driveways can have especially difficult areas to clean due to oil and other automotive fluids. Using a cleaner specific to the type of stain is sometimes necessary to fully remove it
  3. Sealant does wear over time, and if it seems the previous sealant has begun to fade, the actual coating itself should be removed. Used with your power washer, a tool to strip the sealant is necessary to get the job done.
  4. After you have washed and stripped the pavers, allow them enough time to dry completely – without rain or inclement weather, they should dry within 24 hours. In between the pavers, fill any gaps with sand where necessary. If proper time is not allowed for drying, the resulting effect will be a murky, cloudy coating after the sealant is applied due to the moisture.
  5. New sealant should be applied to ensure your effort is not wasted – keep the sand ¼ from the height of the pavers to keep it from spreading as the sealant is applied. Allow plenty of drying time for this process as well – at least 24 hours. Be sure to keep the area free from any traffic, foot or vehicle.
When you need the experts for your outdoor living space renovation, Kona Contractors can take care of your needs. For more advice on revitalizing your Denver pavers check in with us – call us today to get started on your project. Our team only uses the best products and practices, we can take your outdated or unattended space and create a beautiful, functional area to add value to your home.