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3 Perks of a Pergola in Your Denver Outdoor Living Space

Utilizing your outdoor space can be maximized by incorporating custom elements like fire pits, pavers, and pergolas. Many times, backyards offer ample space for entertaining and lounging, but most homeowners don’t take full advantage. Pergolas are a popular update in Denver home renovations as they provide shade from the sunny Colorado days. Installing a pergola also designates a specific area for gathering and gives an obvious mark for setting up a sitting area or dining table. Your patio can feel like an extension of your home with a pergola – here are three reasons to consider installing Denver pergolas:
  1. Design Value: While homes here in Colorado typically have design flair and style, you can keep to a specific aesthetic while installing a practical element for comfort in your backyard. Instead of a simple balcony or overhang, pergolas also provide increased incorporation of decoration. One popular way to create a new style with your pergola is to wind lights throughout the beams.
  2. Entertaining: With the temperate weather on the Colorado Front Range residents like to take full advantage of being outdoors. With the proper setup, your home could feature an outdoor dining area complete with shelter from the sun. This setup gives you an excuse to get outside for a meal, even if it’s just a mid-week night with the family, it can feel special.
  3. Curb Appeal: Optimizing the space available in your home and surrounding areas adds major value to your home overall. When you make additions or renovations, it is adding a feature to the list of your home’s benefits and customizations. Creating a designated outdoor space gives an attractive element to any home for sale – and certainly increases its value overall.
Pergolas make any outdoor space seem more polished and put together, even with the simplest setup. Creating custom spaces throughout your home is one of the great perks of being a homeowner. Take your vision and dream for your home and let our team of experts transform it into reality. View our gallery of pergola project to get some inspiration for your backyard, or find a design that would work for you! Kona Contractors has the experience and knowledge to get the exact design you are looking for. We take the time to go over the details with each of our clients and allow them to fully realize their vision before we get the work started. Call us today to get started on your next home renovation project – or learn more about other projects, like our 7 ideas to make your basement remarkable.