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4 Latest Ways to Liven Up Denver Decks

June 8, 2016

When it comes to the gorgeous spring and summer time weather, who wants to try to relax on a bland deck? One of the great things about Denver decks is the spectacular weather and amount of time that can be spent on them. Check out some of the latest trends in patios to liven up your outdoor area!

Concrete Patios: There are many alternative solutions to patio constructions in addition to the traditional wood that many use today. One of the latest trends in patio construction is concrete! Available in a variety of shapes, colors and stones, concrete can provide a unique look. Some homeowners choose an entire concrete patio, while others even space it out and fill the area with gravel, rocks or dirt. From side by side to vertical patterns you can easily set the ambiance for your yard by the shape of your stones. Plus, concrete is incredibly easy to clean. Simple sweep regularly and then use a hose or power washer to wash away dirt and debris.

Luxurious Furniture: Many people choose chairs ad tables for their patio areas. Then others choose luxurious lounge areas that completely transform their deck. Hammocks are growing in popularity, especially temporary ones, that allow users to put them up and take them down as desired. Another trend are outdoor daybeds. This is a great way for one or two people to be able to spread out or even lay down to read, work, watch a show on their mobile device and more. Others choose chaises and chairs with comfortable cushions perfect for lounging.

Lighting: A great way to quickly revamp the atmosphere of your outdoor space is with lighting. Lighting can do several things that enhance your outdoor space; starting with the fact that it extends the area you can be in while it is dark. You can add so much square foot usage outdoors along in the evening/nighttime when you add lighting that expands the space. Second, it also helps create property lines that can be used along fencing or over the lines themselves. Third, it can also be used as a pathway or guide to different areas from your deck to your backyard.

Tiered Level: A unique trend in Denver decks is multi-tier units. No matter the size of your deck, it will allow you to have multiple entertaining spaces and you can create different environments on each level. Or, for instance, one level may be a lounging area and another may be your kitchen. A tiered deck can also help lead you or your guests down to the main level or your yard. Houzz has great ideas if you are interested in learning more about tiered patios.

If you are ready to take your deck to the next level, we at Kona Contractors can help! Adding or renovating your deck will make the warm summer nights more fun. Plus, it adds value as it adds to the useable space of your home. From barbeques to cards outside, now is the time to renovate. View our project gallery to get more ideas for your deck renovation and give us a call at 720-935-4922 to get started.