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Creative Use of Outdoor Pavers in Denver

July 6, 2016

Available in a variety of colors and styles, pavers allow you to truly create any look you can envision. Adding charm, variety, and durability to your outdoor living space in Denver, hardscapes allow for a clean, finished aesthetic to your space. Denver residents can enjoy the old-world charm of paved walkways, driveways, or patios; creating outdoor "rooms" with different colors, textures, and shapes of pavers. At Kona Contractors, we can help you build the driveway, walkway, or patio of your dreams.

From basic brick paver patios to fancy, multi-level patios, the major theme of outdoor living design these days is to apply interior design techniques to outdoor design. This is seen in every aspect of outdoor living, from furniture design, to light fixtures, to decorative accents. It’s all part of the effort to truly live in your outdoor spaces with the same comfort, style, and ease with which you live in the indoor spaces.

One idea to consider for outdoor design is utilizing paver patterns to reinforce this "room" concept. Think of how you would use carpet or area rugs to define or accent indoor living areas, and then apply those concepts to paver design. Here are some examples of this type of paver pattern application.

Fireplace and Fire Pit
Living rooms are traditionally characterized by grouping furniture and an area rug near the fireplace. This look can be achieved outdoors at your outdoor fireplace or fire pit by varying paver tone, texture, and shape into an integrated design that looks like a rug.

Create Separate Rooms
This technique can be done outdoors to create the illusion of separate rooms. Inside your home, different flooring materials and/or patterns are used for different, adjoining, rooms. For example, the kitchen may be floored with tile, and the living room may have carpet. Sometimes, the same material is used in both rooms, but the laying pattern changes as you cross the threshold. 

The Outdoor "Entrance"
This idea can be used to simulate an entryway runner that leads from one outdoor room to the next, or turn an open patio area into a grand outdoor foyer with contrasting colors and textures that create the look of a large area rug. 

Defining Areas
Place a paver “rug” where it makes sense to position a furniture grouping. In a large indoor room, area rugs can be used to divide the space into smaller, more intimate conversation areas. The same can be done in an outdoor room. For additional flare, a fire pit can be placed in the center of the design, creating the look of a flaming coffee table.

Incorporating Nature
This can be done in the form of a runner or as an integrated element of a faux rug design. Incorporate grassy areas into your design to add the textural look of shag. Also consider incorporating other, low-growing plants into the design – like wooly thyme, for instance.  

We can help you build the driveway, walkway, or patio of your dreams. At Kona Contractors, we will work with you to create custom hardscapes for your home that you will love. If you have an idea of what type or style you like, we can install it for you. If you are looking for some guidance, we can offer style ideas that fit within your budget. Contact us today to get started:  720-935-4922.