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Is your home ready for a fantastic deck to take in the warm Colorado summer nights and mountain views? We can help you create the perfect place to make memories. A deck addition or upgrade will reinvigorate this excellent space for backyard barbeques, entertaining guests, and spending time with the family.

An Exceptionally Skilled Deck Company in Denver

Kona Contractors has over 10 years of experience with deck installation in Denver. We offer deck design, deck building and deck installation. Over the last decade, we’ve built a reputation as one of the most detail oriented, reliable and skilled deck builders in Denver. Our investment in your home doesn't stop at the end of the job. Our customer service goes above and beyond what's expected—after every deck completion, expect a call from us asking if it meets your needs and how we may be able to otherwise help improve your home!

What should you consider during the deck design phase of your Denver home?

Installing a deck can create an outdoor living space in an area that may not be otherwise utilized. If the perimeter around your home has varied levels of ground, adding a raised deck can offer space in parts of your property that would otherwise be non-functional. Our team of experts can bring your vision to life, all while increasing the value of your home. When determining whether you should go with a low maintenance material such as composite or an aesthetic choice such as patio pavers, it's important to factor in your total budget over the life of the deck. Often, more expensive decks have a higher upfront cost but a lower recurrent maintenance costs.

What kinds of maintenance should you expect to have on your deck?

The kind of maintenance you have on your deck will vary dramatically between the kinds of materials you choose to use. deck contractors throughout Denver.

At Kona Contractors, we are proud to be one of the leading deck contractors in Denver. We make our clients a part of every step of the construction process. From consultation, to design, to installation and deck maintenance, before we begin working with you, Kona will be happy to explain all there is to know in advance of your agreement to let us help you build the deck, patio or pergola of your dreams. Let us guide you through the options of decks Denver residents love – visit our deck gallery for more inspiration. 

Deck Blog Listings

Trends for Denver Decks That will Take You into 2017

August 24, 2016

Does your home need a deck? Or is your deck dated and in need of updating? Today's homes are incomplete without a well-functioning, modern deck that bridges recreation, functionality, and design. At Kona, we understand your need for a deck that looks great, you can be proud to show off to friends and extended family, and that meets the needs of your immediate family. Here are a few new deck trends to consider.

Fancy Deck Railing
New trends point to a more widespread use of fancy railings, because while matching railing to decking materials remains a reliable design option, homeowners are enjoying the opportunity to contrast colors, or even mix materials, to suit their style and taste. Decking now serves as a neutral-colored "wall" and railing is the "artwork" that gives it character. You can further express your design flair by adding, for instance, balusters in contrasting colors or post caps made of metal or stained glass.

Living Zones
Homeowners are turning their interior and outdoor living spaces into one, open-into-each-other living zone that fits their lifestyle and taste. Think big, glass "garage doors" between home and deck that can be opened up in great weather to join the two. It is also fun to create outdoor rooms in your outdoor living space, sectioning off the deck and outdoor area for personalized purposes such as cooking, entertaining, sitting around a fire, relaxing in a hot tub, a children’s play area, and meditation.

When it comes to taking decks from functional to fantastic – and even futuristic – automation is the key. We know you want your decks to be hassle-free, functional and low-maintenance. So consider grills, TVs, charging stations, and entertainment systems that are installed underneath the deck and that emerge from under water-resistant "lids" with the touch of a remote-control button.

While automation is mainly a custom design capability at this time, the leading-edge innovation clearly shows that homeowners desire to continue to explore unique ways to develop their outdoor living zone with personalized flair.

As families with children and pets spend more time outdoors, safety is becoming even more important. Homeowners are adding elements of security to their decks without sacrificing aesthetics. Two features that meet this dual desire perfectly are recessed lighting and deck gates. Recessed lighting on steps not only provides a safety feature, it also adds dramatic ambiance. The ideal deck gate for families includes durability and controlled, self-closing hinges.

Whether you prefer trendy or traditional, contact us to talk with our team about your deck vision, because at Kona Contractors, we can customize designs to your exact specifications. We serve the Denver Metro and surrounding areas in Colorado, and we're here for you to offer support throughout the deck building process, making it as simple, easy, and stress free as possible. Call us directly at 720-935-4922. Let us guide you through the options of decks Denver residents love.

Non-wood Material Options for Denver Decks

July 27, 2016

What decking material is best? There are numerous factors to evaluate before making that decision. You’ll want to ask questions like: How will the deck be used? Is it in a shaded or sunny area? How much maintenance will it need? Here at Kona Contractors, we are aware that most decks these days are still being constructed of wood, however we want to offer you some non-wood decking information too. We are your full-service Denver contractors, qualified to deliver and maintain impressive, functional, and enduring outdoor environments – to include your new or renovated deck.

Although the price for non-wood decking is usually more than wood, the actual cost over time is a good deal-closer, because wood decks require more maintenance with time. Thanks to an explosion of composite lumber and plastic decking options, your choices have grown over the past several years. It wasn't long ago that the only choice in decking materials was wood – which came in perhaps two or three species.

Most composite products are made from polyethylene or polyvinyl chloride, and come in a wide range of colors. Composite decking and its cousin, plastic lumber, represent the fastest-growing decking materials sold today. Composites are typically composed of wood fibers and recycled plastic. The result is an extremely weather- and stain-resistant board that won't splinter, warp, rot or split.

Plastic lumber is made from 100% plastic; it contains no wood fibers. It too is highly resistant to staining and decay, and is free of knots, cracks and splinters. Plastic lumber can be made of virgin or/and recycled plastics.

Both composites and plastic lumber come in sizes similar to wood decking. Composites are typically less expensive than plastic lumber. Most composite decking and plastic lumber manufacturers also offer a line of handrails, balusters, fasciae and other decorative trim.

Composite decking and plastic lumber do have certain advantages over wood. They're extremely low-maintenance and never need to be sanded, refinished or stained. However, they aren't maintenance-free. Mold and mildew can grow in shady, damp areas of the deck, and some composites can eventually show signs of decay, which makes sense, since they contain wood.

Aluminum decking won't rot, rust, warp, splinter, or crack. It's extremely weather-, mold-, and slip-resistant. Its powder-coated finish lasts virtually forever, and it'll never peel or blister. It can't catch fire, wood-boring bugs hate it, and it's cryogenically strong – meaning it doesn't get brittle in extremely cold weather. It's also totally recyclable.

When compared with wood, composite and plastic lumber, aluminum decking is three to four times lighter, yet two to three times stronger. It can be cut with the same saws and blades used to cut wood.

Most aluminum planks have interlocking edges, which create gap-free, watertight decks. Built-in, self-draining channels collect and dispose of rainwater. Provided you can keep the channels debris-free, this feature is particularly useful for second-story decks, since the space below stays dry.

And you might be surprised to learn that aluminum decking actually stays cooler in the sun than most other types of decking because of the metal's superior heat-dissipation properties. The only disadvantage to aluminum decking is its expense; it is more expensive than either composite or plastic.

No matter what materials you decide to use for your deck, contact us now to begin the process and talk with our team about your vision, because at Kona Contractors, we can customize designs to your exact specifications. We serve the Denver Metro Area and surrounding areas in Colorado, and we're here for you to offer support throughout the deck building process, making it as simple, easy, and stress free as possible. Call us directly at 720-935-4922.

Choosing the Right Wood for Your Denver Outdoor Living Space

June 29, 2016

Denver decks and pergolas can take a beating from Colorado’s famously capricious weather, but having an outdoor structure is invaluable for a home. It not only increases your living space, it provides an area for relaxation and entertainment out in the open while protecting you from the elements.

The wood you choose for your structure will not only affect how it ages over the years, but how long it will last. The most popular options for building outdoor furniture are redwood, cedar, pine, teak, or oak. Appearance and durability are key factors in deciding which wood you’ll use, as environmental issues such as humidity and aridity will affect how the furniture in your Denver outdoor living space ages.

Redwood is has been synonymous with outdoor furniture for decades, particularly Adirondack chairs and decks. Forests were over-logged in the 1990s, however, so redwood isn’t as widely available as it once was. Heartwood, from the center of the tree, is all red in color; the sapwood, the part that surrounds the heartwood, is white. There are many different grades of redwood, established by the Redwood Inspection Service, to ensure good quality. Redwood is the longest-lasting wood, and can withstand decay for decades. It is not as resistant to insect damage as cedar or teak, and it can be rather expensive.

Another long-lasting wood, cedar is also resistant to insects and decay. The heartwood is a reddish-brown color and has that distinct smell cedar is known for; the sapwood is white, as with redwood. There are generally six different cedars to choose from, including Western Red Cedar, Atlantic Red Cedar, and Northern White Cedar. Cedar is popular for being lightweight and extremely durable outdoors.

One of the weakest options is pine, especially if left untreated. Moisture is an issue, which leads to rot. Building an outdoor structure with pine requires more upkeep through sealing and resealing over the years. Blonde in color with brown knots, pine is a softwood, and is therefore prone to showing damage. However, it is the most affordable option.

Teak is the most widely-used outdoor furniture and structures in the US. Most teak is harvested from plantations all around the world, replacing woods taken from rainforests. It’s a durable, tough wood that doesn’t cost as much as other hardwoods. It’s also naturally weatherproofed due to its high oil content, so teak doesn’t need to be treated or sealed, although of course those are available options.

Oak is a very grainy hardwood and can be light brown or yellow. It’s a strong hardwood that is resistant to moisture, insects, and rot. Oak needs to be treated, or its pale shade will fade to a streaky dark brown. Its hardness makes it harder to shape, but the strength and durability compensate for this. Oak is on the more expensive end of the wood spectrum.
The experts at Kona Construction can help you decide which option best suits your needs for your outdoor structure needs. Check out our project gallery for decks and pergolas  and call 720-935-4922 to schedule a consultation with a member of our team.

4 Routine Maintenance Tips for Your Outdoor Living Space

June 15, 2016

After building the outdoor living space that you have always wanted, whether it is in the front or back of your home, upkeep is very important. This will allow you to keep the increased value on the up-and-up as well as keep the space from losing its majestic appeal.
  1. Decks and Patios: The second the warmer temperatures arrive get ready to start your maintenance for decks and patios.  For starters, sweep regularly. Be sure to get into the grout or crevices as well and remove all debris. Then also, clean with water. Some homeowners choose to power wash their decks and patios which is a great way to power away the dirt and debris. You can also use mild detergent or undiluted bleach. Next, keep grass and weeds from growing. Whether they sneakily make their way through or area long pathways, pull them out and use weed killers to eliminate them from popping up. Get more ideas for deck and patio maintenance from HGTV.
  2. Furniture and Equipment: Just as it is important to maintain the decks themselves, you should also maintain the quality of your equipment. For grills, remove the grades and then with a grill brush or degreaser to eliminate all of the build-up that can accumulate. For furniture, it is crucial to clean them regularly to avoid mold and mildew build up that is unsanitary and unpleasant! Furniture that isn’t upholstered can usually be wiped down with a washcloth and mild detergent. Upholstered furniture is slightly different. Take a look at the care tips on your furniture to help you with proper care techniques. A bonus to many of them is the fact that they may be machine washable.
  3. Fire Pits: Over time with your fire pit, you may have a build up of ashes that accumulate underneath. If left untreated, the bottom of your fire pit can lose quality. Make sure to clean the build up of ashes after each use of your fire pit to avoid this problem. Also, clean the spark screen of your fire pit by using a brush and warm water. Be sure to also wipe down the chairs and furniture that you have around your fire pit as well.
  4. Landscaping: While you do not have to be a master landscaper, it is important to keep up the normal maintenance for your yard. First, when mowing, do not cut it too short. Leave some room on there to help with root growth and to help avoid weeds. If you struggle with your grass growing, look into options to seed it that is best for your climate. Next, hydrate your lawn! Many invest in a sprinkler system to save them time. Another great benefit of sprinkler systems is the fact that it outputs just the right amount saving you money. Other maintenance techniques include removing weeds, fertilizing and feeding your plants.
Looking to build the outdoor space of your dreams? We at Kona Contractors can help! We have the ability to create custom outdoor living space options that will blow you away. Review our deck gallery to get some ideas for your renovation and give us a call at 720-935-4922 to get started.

4 Latest Ways to Liven Up Denver Decks

June 8, 2016

When it comes to the gorgeous spring and summer time weather, who wants to try to relax on a bland deck? One of the great things about Denver decks is the spectacular weather and amount of time that can be spent on them. Check out some of the latest trends in patios to liven up your outdoor area!

Concrete Patios: There are many alternative solutions to patio constructions in addition to the traditional wood that many use today. One of the latest trends in patio construction is concrete! Available in a variety of shapes, colors and stones, concrete can provide a unique look. Some homeowners choose an entire concrete patio, while others even space it out and fill the area with gravel, rocks or dirt. From side by side to vertical patterns you can easily set the ambiance for your yard by the shape of your stones. Plus, concrete is incredibly easy to clean. Simple sweep regularly and then use a hose or power washer to wash away dirt and debris.

Luxurious Furniture: Many people choose chairs ad tables for their patio areas. Then others choose luxurious lounge areas that completely transform their deck. Hammocks are growing in popularity, especially temporary ones, that allow users to put them up and take them down as desired. Another trend are outdoor daybeds. This is a great way for one or two people to be able to spread out or even lay down to read, work, watch a show on their mobile device and more. Others choose chaises and chairs with comfortable cushions perfect for lounging.

Lighting: A great way to quickly revamp the atmosphere of your outdoor space is with lighting. Lighting can do several things that enhance your outdoor space; starting with the fact that it extends the area you can be in while it is dark. You can add so much square foot usage outdoors along in the evening/nighttime when you add lighting that expands the space. Second, it also helps create property lines that can be used along fencing or over the lines themselves. Third, it can also be used as a pathway or guide to different areas from your deck to your backyard.

Tiered Level: A unique trend in Denver decks is multi-tier units. No matter the size of your deck, it will allow you to have multiple entertaining spaces and you can create different environments on each level. Or, for instance, one level may be a lounging area and another may be your kitchen. A tiered deck can also help lead you or your guests down to the main level or your yard. Houzz has great ideas if you are interested in learning more about tiered patios.

If you are ready to take your deck to the next level, we at Kona Contractors can help! Adding or renovating your deck will make the warm summer nights more fun. Plus, it adds value as it adds to the useable space of your home. From barbeques to cards outside, now is the time to renovate. View our project gallery to get more ideas for your deck renovation and give us a call at 720-935-4922 to get started.