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We all enjoy sitting around a camp fire. You can enjoy this experience year round with a fully installed custom fire pit and outdoor living space. Imagine neighborhood gatherings, family time and intimate conversations all in the presence of a warming fire. Kona Contractors can create fire pit spaces for any backyard space imaginable!

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Add a Fire Pit to Your Denver Outdoor Living Space

August 10, 2016

Are you considering a fire pit? You already know that the backyard is a great place to hang with friends and family. For entertaining purposes, a wood deck with a simple barbecue is outdated. These days, amenities like ponds, water features, flowerbeds, faux riverbeds, vegetable gardens, outdoor kitchens, and fire pits are a must, and we can create fire pit spaces for any backyard space imaginable.

According to the experts, one reason for their appeal is that a fire pit can extend your backyard use through fall and into winter. In fact, fire pits have become so popular that builders construct them as part of the package for their higher-priced homes.

Your choice of fire pit should be based on the style of your space, how much room you have available, and local ordinances. Fire pit styles, sizes, and materials are many and varied. Here are a few more things to consider before making this important decision.

Do you want a fire pit that is built in or something that’s lightweight and potentially portable, so you can take it where you want your gathering? Do you want a focal point for yard or need/want a fire in different areas for different gatherings? For a built-in design, consider matching the style to the house, fence, pergola, etc., so that your fire pit area is cohesive and harmonious with the rest of the surroundings. Make it proportional to the size of your yard. And when considering outdoor fire pits and fire pit safety, be sure to plan for plenty of room between your pit and other structures. Look at seating and circulation factors too.

For portable fire pits, there are fire bowls that come in a variety of materials. Copper or stainless steel bowls are usually lighter, but heavier cast iron bowls do a nice job of radiating heat. Fire tables are similar to bowls, but are often made at coffee table height. There are also chimney-style options, freestanding pieces with a chimney-style vent, which come in a range of materials.

Regardless of which way you go, you need to ensure that you’re using proper materials – something that won't splinter when the fire heats up. That's where we come in. We have the experience and skills to help you get the aesthetics you want with the functions and safety you need.

Wood or gas is the most common type of fire pits. Those who favor a true outdoor experience usually prefer burning real logs, but that requires keeping flames going – as well as not letting them escape. It also requires a steady supply of firewood and a screen of some sort. An alternative is to use gas or propane for an instant fire – maybe even powered with a remote switch – though it’s not as hot as a wood fire, and you don’t get the same crackle and smoke.

At Kona Contractors, we will work with you to create the outdoor living space of your dreams. If you have an idea of what type or style you like, we can install it for you. If you are looking for some guidance, we can offer style ideas that fit within your budget. Contact us today to get started:  720-935-4922.

4 Routine Maintenance Tips for Your Outdoor Living Space

June 15, 2016

After building the outdoor living space that you have always wanted, whether it is in the front or back of your home, upkeep is very important. This will allow you to keep the increased value on the up-and-up as well as keep the space from losing its majestic appeal.
  1. Decks and Patios: The second the warmer temperatures arrive get ready to start your maintenance for decks and patios.  For starters, sweep regularly. Be sure to get into the grout or crevices as well and remove all debris. Then also, clean with water. Some homeowners choose to power wash their decks and patios which is a great way to power away the dirt and debris. You can also use mild detergent or undiluted bleach. Next, keep grass and weeds from growing. Whether they sneakily make their way through or area long pathways, pull them out and use weed killers to eliminate them from popping up. Get more ideas for deck and patio maintenance from HGTV.
  2. Furniture and Equipment: Just as it is important to maintain the decks themselves, you should also maintain the quality of your equipment. For grills, remove the grades and then with a grill brush or degreaser to eliminate all of the build-up that can accumulate. For furniture, it is crucial to clean them regularly to avoid mold and mildew build up that is unsanitary and unpleasant! Furniture that isn’t upholstered can usually be wiped down with a washcloth and mild detergent. Upholstered furniture is slightly different. Take a look at the care tips on your furniture to help you with proper care techniques. A bonus to many of them is the fact that they may be machine washable.
  3. Fire Pits: Over time with your fire pit, you may have a build up of ashes that accumulate underneath. If left untreated, the bottom of your fire pit can lose quality. Make sure to clean the build up of ashes after each use of your fire pit to avoid this problem. Also, clean the spark screen of your fire pit by using a brush and warm water. Be sure to also wipe down the chairs and furniture that you have around your fire pit as well.
  4. Landscaping: While you do not have to be a master landscaper, it is important to keep up the normal maintenance for your yard. First, when mowing, do not cut it too short. Leave some room on there to help with root growth and to help avoid weeds. If you struggle with your grass growing, look into options to seed it that is best for your climate. Next, hydrate your lawn! Many invest in a sprinkler system to save them time. Another great benefit of sprinkler systems is the fact that it outputs just the right amount saving you money. Other maintenance techniques include removing weeds, fertilizing and feeding your plants.
Looking to build the outdoor space of your dreams? We at Kona Contractors can help! We have the ability to create custom outdoor living space options that will blow you away. Review our deck gallery to get some ideas for your renovation and give us a call at 720-935-4922 to get started.

4 Summer Trends for Your Outdoor Living Space

April 20, 2016

With summer just around the corner, it's time to make the most of your outdoor living space. Below are some of the latest trends to help you renovate or reinvigorate your desk, patio, and more.
  1. Kitchens: Are you a master chef? (Or just enjoy grilling out?) Many homeowners have taken dining outdoors to the next level by adding kitchens to their outdoor space. While you can cook inside and bring the food outside, many chefs enjoy being able to grill and prep food outdoors where the party or gathering is. Some homeowners just have grills, but others have invested in a variety of kitchen equipment such as refrigerators, ice makers, ovens, sinks, counter space, cabinets, trash areas, and islands. This is a great way to have some of the essentials, such as drinks and dinnerware, readily available so you can keep the party 100 percent outdoors.
  2. Rooms: The concept of “outdoor rooms” are quickly gaining in popularity. Basically, they are making comfortable environments to watch television, read, relax, eat, and more. The furniture in this type of setting has a variety of weatherproof seating options from chairs and hammocks to couches to tables. Other homeowners have incorporated ceiling fans to create a cool environment and add their personal touch in terms of décor. With Denver’s mild weather, it is a great state to invest in an outdoor living space. This is popular on decks with awnings or in backyards by fire pits.
  3. Heat: Even in the summer, some nights can get chilly! Homeowners are looking to add various features to keep them and their guests warm—aside from having blankets and jackets readily available. Fire pits are one of the top ways this is being done, and they’re a great addition to your outdoor space to relax and stay warm. Plus, they enhance the look of your yard, which can increase the value of your home.  If a fire pit is not for you, you can look into patio heaters to keep in the area. They are available in a variety of styles that either sit on the floor or can hang.
  4. Technology: Homeowners are bringing technology luxuries that they have inside into their outdoor areas and Denver decks. Smart home technology can make spending time outside very enjoyable. Some of the most popular uses are sound systems but you can also use it for heating and cooling. It is also great to be able to control lighting by a quick tap on your tablet or smartphone.
If you are ready to update your outdoor space, Kona Contractors can help! Our team will create a comfortable outdoor living area that will add entertaining and relaxing space for you. We will meet with you to discuss your dreams and goals, and we will provide you with the vision. Give us a call at 720-935-4922 or fill out a contact form to get started.

5 Inspired Ideas for Using Your Denver Fire Pit in the Winter

December 11, 2015

Just because the temperatures have dipped and the snow has started flying doesn’t mean your fire pit has to go into hibernation. If you’ve put in the effort of installing a fire feature in your back yard, there is no reason why you can’t use your fire pit year-round, including in the middle of winter. The following are some inspired ideas for making the most of this beautiful and functional feature during our shivery Denver winters:
  • Tailgate party – As football season rolls on, the football fans in your family will appreciate the chance to warm themselves around the fire as you serve up some tailgate-style food and drink. You can even grill the hot dogs right on the fire pit. The best time to gather? Before the game starts, of course. But your fire pit also provides a nice respite during half time, a good place for stretching your legs and gobbling up another bratwurst.
  • Leaf and brush removal – One of the best ways to use your fire pit in the winter is to get rid of any leaves or brush you may have gathered up in your yard during the fall. Instead of letting the dead foliage lie there until spring, consider putting your fire pit to work by burning the leaves now instead of bagging it for later. Yard maintenance will feel a lot more fun—and convenient.
  • Marshmallow toasting – Who says toasting marshmallows can only happen around a campfire? You may not be roughing it in the great outdoors, but when the cold weather sets in, you can certainly use your suburban backyard fire pit for this easy (and tasty) family-friendly activity. Invite the neighbors or your kids’ friends, gather up some fireproof sticks, top them with marshmallows, and roast them over the fire pit. Add some chocolate and graham crackers to turn your marshmallows into s’mores.
  • End-of-a-walk warm-up – Some people love to take long walks, especially when fresh snow has fallen. At the end of a peaceful stroll around your neighborhood, come home to a crackling outdoor fire, where you can warm your hands, thaw your toes, and bring some color back to your cheeks.
  • Holiday celebrations – With Christmas and New Year’s Eve just around the corner, what better way to celebrate the season than by socializing around a fire—and we don’t mean an indoor fireplace. If you’re hosting a hardy bunch who aren’t afraid of a nip in the air, gathering by your outdoor fire pit is a lovely way to enjoy the good company. Add a little mulled wine, cider, or hot chocolate, pass out lots of warm blankets and throws, sing some carols, or maybe even do the countdown to midnight as you sit under a starry sky.
Missing the warmth of a fire in your outdoor space? Kona Contractors specializes in creating custom fire pits in Denver as a cozy addition to your outdoor living. Contact us today to discuss your project.

Fire Pit Styles For Your Outdoor Living Space

Deciding to add more functionality and sophistication to your outdoor living space is always a smart choice. While it does raise your property value, friend and family get-togethers are more gratifying when the scenery compliments the people enjoying it. One of the more tasteful ways to enhance the atmosphere of your Colorado backyard is with a custom fire pit. There are several different styles for the optimal addition to your deck or yard space. Choosing the highest quality custom fire pit is just as important as any other extension of your home. Here are some of the more popular styles currently being enjoyed by homeowners. 
  • The Wall Flame – An elegant line of fire can be the perfect accent when set just off to the side of a well-furnished outdoor space. Another option for a linear flame is to build seating around a rectangular shaped pit for larger groups of family and friends to gather around. Modern, pleasing to the eye, and fueled by propane or natural gas, the wall flame is one of the newer models of outdoor fire pits; an updated take on a timeless classic.            
  • The Chimenea – Chimeneas have been the go-to fire pit in recent years. Originating in Mexico, they have a passing resemblance to old potbelly stoves with a long chimney. Having one custom built for your deck or space is best if you prefer to use actual logs. Burning real wood fills your backyard with the pleasing aromas reminiscent of campfires, drawing everyone close on chilly Colorado evenings. The style is also an excellent addition to Southwestern motifs, popular in the Denver area.
  • The Classic Fire Pit – Circular, octagonal, square, or whichever shape you would like custom made, nothing beats the design and style of the classic fire pit. Like the wall flame, it can be run on propane or natural gas. They can also be built to burn real wood instead. These classic styles can be placed almost anywhere your space will safely allow. Whether seated or standing around this focal point of your property, you will be the envy of the neighborhood.    

You’ve expended a lot of time and money on your home, including the outdoor space you enjoy with those closest to you. This area shouldn’t be relegated to only the summer months. A fire pit can extend your backyard gatherings into every season. BBQs in the summer, College game day on Saturdays in the fall, and the winter holidays can all be enjoyed in comfort. If your home is where everyone usually congregates, finding the right ambiance to fit your personal style and passions can only be accomplished with a custom fire pit.

You can see some of Kona Contractors beautiful custom fire pits here. Stylish, made to last for decades, and inviting; whichever style you choose, you will have a unique way to create lasting memories with your friends, family, and neighbors, no matter the season.